Index of netbsd-bugs for December, 1995

john hood longstanding ash -c bug [FreeBSD report]
Ignatios Souvatzis port-amiga/1802: Amiga installation document errors
Jason R. Thorpe lib/1803: NetBSD has no userland poll() implementation
drochner@zelux6.zel. kern/1805: "swap on nfs and sd0" configuration doesn't work
Matthias Drochner kern/1804: panics in ibcs2_sys_read
Peter Seebach standards/1806: realloc() does not appear to free correctly.
Neil J. McRae kern/1807: Despite many mentions of /dev/rmt* NetBSD doesn't have any devices c
Robert Dobbs bin/1809: makewhatis
Ignatios Souvatzis port-amiga/1810: A2410 GRIFIOCBLANK support
Ignatios Souvatzis port-amiga/1812: Altais graphics device driver
Ignatios Souvatzis port-amiga/1811: new format GRFIOCGETVM support for the Retinae
Chris Jones port-i386/1813: 1.0 works with my drive, 1.1 doesn't
Arne Henrik Juul misc/1814: /etc/security bugs and misfeatures
Peter Seebach standards/1819: putc and getc macros are incorrect
Superuser kern/1815: Filesystem problems with 1.1 (i386)
Simon J. Gerraty bin/1816: tn3270 lacks escape
Waldi Ravens kern/1817: minor changes to src/sys/lib/libsa kern/1818: kern
12/07/1995 kern/1820: unconfiguring of ccd causes system panic
Don Lewis port-hp300/1821: gdb -k doesn't give complete stack backtrace
Brian C. Grayson bin/1822: rdist dies when verifying modified links
drochner@zelux6.zel. misc/1823: new byteorder related bug in libsa
Ignatios Souvatzis kern/1825: miscellanous if_arcsubr.c cleanup
Ignatios Souvatzis port-amiga/1824: miscellanous cleanups and optimizations
Netbsd Mailing List telnetd/shared-libraries bug fixed in 1.1 ?
Gordon W. Ross Re: misc/1823: new byteorder related bug in libsa
Jason Thorpe Re: telnetd/shared-libraries bug fixed in 1.1 ? port-amiga/1827: Can't build GCC 2.7.2 on NetBSD-Amiga due to kernel bug?
Luke Mewburn misc/1826: doc/* severely out of date
Matthias Scheler port-amiga/1829: grf_cv problems with new CV64 boards
Bob Smart Bug in if_tun.c
Luke Mewburn port-i386/1830: i386 GENERIC* kernels don't have ccd port-i386/1831: i386 doesn't probe memory correctly
Neil J. McRae port-i386/1832: FPE bug in i386 1.1
cline@ASM.FOX.CS.CMU port-i386/1833: integer overflow generates SIGSEG, not SIGFPE
R.Gopalakrishnan port-i386/1834: panic caused by mlock system call on i386
Peter Tam None
Roland C Dowdeswell port-i386/1835: Kernel compile dies in machdep.c if HZ is defined (i386)
der Mouse None
der Mouse Re: port-i386/1835: Kernel compile dies in machdep.c if HZ is defined (i386)
Bernd Ernesti port-amiga/1837: missing if_le changes for the amiga port
Leo Weppelman Re: port-i386/1835: Kernel compile dies in machdep.c if HZ is
Alistair G. Crooks bin/1838: usr.sbin/gspa/gspa fails to compile
Chris Jones misc/1839: problems with ~skel/dot.cshrc
Peter Tam Multiple EP interfaces not working!!!
Mike Long misc/1840: update for 3RDPARTY
Jason Downs bin/1841: more(1) does not handle \r\n properly
Gary D. Duzan misc/1842: Typo in src/Makefile
Peter Tam None
Christoph Badura Re: port-i386/1835: Kernel compile dies in machdep.c if HZ is defined (i386)
Andrew Carey misc/1843: /usr/share/misc/na/phone does not contain recent area code additions
Peter Tam 3c507 ep netbsd driver OK on 2nd look
Christos Zoulas Re: (none)
Chris G Demetriou Re: port-i386/1835: Kernel compile dies in machdep.c if HZ is defined (i386) lib/1844: include file install error
Mike Long lib/1845: abort() and exit() need __dead tags in stdlib.h
Peter Seebach misc/1846: Spelling error in madvise() man page
Tatoku Ogaito kern/1847: mount_nfs on exported directory will make system crash
der Mouse bin/1848: [dM] identd prepends a space to usernames lib/1849: -lcompat breaks regcomp()
Christoph Badura Re: port-i386/1835: Kernel compile dies in machdep.c if HZ is defined (i386)
Robin Carey NetBSD-1.1/i386
Jason Thorpe Re: NetBSD-1.1/i386
Todd C. Miller misc/1850: Patch to add a "zero" option to skeyinit
millert@cs.colorado. misc/1851: (Fixed) patch to add "zero" functionality to skeyinit
matthew green port-sparc/1852: changes for sparc for gcc 2.7.2
Ignatios Souvatzis port-amiga/1853: grf_ul initialization fails on some machines/with some bootloa
Chris G Demetriou Re: port-sparc/1852: changes for sparc for gcc 2.7.2
Peter Tam None
Chris G. Demetriou bin/1854: many non-working tc= entries in latest termcap file
Klaus Klein misc/1855: ppp line discipline not documented in tty(4)
Bernd Ernesti bin/1856: Problems with new gcc 2.7.2 ( bin/1857: Make yacc somewhat more bison-compatible
L. Brett Glass Can't make a usable install tape
Brett Glass Can't make a usable install tape: Problem solved
Juergen Hannken-Illjes bin/1858: pppd doesn't drop DTR long enough
J.T. Conklin lib/1860: strftime's %u fmt is two digits wide
J.T. Conklin lib/1862: printf/scanf don't support X/Open positional parameters
J.T. Conklin bin/1863: gcc on m68k doesn't pass -m68040 through to assembler
J.T. Conklin lib/1861: message catalog databases not machine independant
Darren Hosking NetBSD 1.1 PPP errors and hangups
John M Vinopal kern/1864: Comments for dev/isa/comreg.h
John M Vinopal kern/1865: Patches to use Hayes ESP with com.c
John M Vinopal bin/1866: pppd man page isn't explicit about ip-up
mike@galileo.rhein.d port-i386/1867: NetBSD1.1/i386 uses 32bit acces instead of 16 bit on hdd.
12/30/1995 bin/1868: modload bug in checking for .o extension
Michael Graff misc/1869: ames, IA zip code missing misc/1870: make build fails, missing Kerberos header files
Christian E. Hopps port-amiga/1871: bad value used in sfas.c
Jason R. Thorpe port-hp300/1874: Bogus values in /sys/arch/hp300/dev/{ct,rd}reg.h
Lennart Augustsson bin/1872: tn3270 dooesn't compile
Lennart Augustsson bin/1873: tn3270 dooesn't compile
Luke Mewburn kern/1875: adding simple method of setting bufcache size
Gary D. Duzan kern/1876: PPP Hangs with current kernel
Dave Huang port-i386/1878: Install instructions and kernel config differ on aic0 irq
David Mazieres kern/1877: pppd hangs
James E. Bernard bin/1879: more doesn't support extended regular expressions
James E. Bernard bin/1880: mail has a too-limited implementation of string quoting