Index of netbsd-bugs for September, 1995

VaX#n8 port-i386/1430: Address Fault Patch (replaces 851)
Charles Hannum Re: kern/1428: SA_ONSTACK to SS_ONSTACK conversion not complete
John F. Woods bin/1431: ftp coredumps if a command line has more than 20 arguments
Simon J. Gerraty kern/1432: identifying -current versions
is@Beverly.Rhein.DE Re: port-amiga/1409: New sbic.c driver still chokes on unhandled condition
Michael Joosten Two bugs in NetBSD-current
der Mouse Re: Two bugs in NetBSD-current
Andrew Gillham bin/1434: Banner not build automatically and won't build.
John F. Woods kern/1436: msdosfs overwrites "." entries in directories kern/1437: process with a pty still lives after the parent got killed kern/1439: stacksize rlimit value not multiple of pagesize causes execve to fai
Andrew Gillham port-i386/1433: There is no Intel EtherExpress 16 driver bin/1435: comm.c premature eof
Rolf Grossmann port-sparc/1438: bootpath fake wrong for network boot
louis@dachau.marco.d bin/1440: ar and "nobody" uid
Ju\"rgen Fluk misc/1441: cxref(1) missing ?
Ju\"rgen Fluk misc/1442: lint fails on register unions
Ju\"rgen Fluk bin/1444: /bin/sh: "return" in dotted scripts
John Kohl port-i386/1445: linux_machdep.c has broken #else/#endif; should be #endif/(noth
matthew green bin/1443: make(1) fails with subsitution in lhs of rule.
Mike Long bin/1452: typo in /usr/src/usr.bin/chpass/chpass.1
Thorsten Frueauf kern/1451: NEC, CD-ROM DRIVE:84, 1.0a doesn't grok LUNs correctly
Mike Long port-i386/1453: MAKEDEV(8) is out-of-date
Mike Long bin/1454: ulimit builtin in /bin/sh broken & mkinit improvements
Herb Peyerl kern/1455: no message printed when system halted.
Wolfgang Solfrank kern/1447: lstat flushes vnodes from cache
Wolfgang Solfrank kern/1448: Undefined behaviour of bread in case of error
John Kohl misc/1446: new root.cache needed
Simon Burge port-i386/1450: problems with pcvt pretty screen saver.
Luke Mewburn lib/1449: ypclnt(3) fixes
is@Beverly.Rhein.DE Re: port-amiga/1409: New sbic.c driver still chokes on unhandled condition
09/12/1995 bin/1456: pppstats(1) gives bogus `NON-VJ' values.
Volker A. Brandt misc/1457: Typo in pr man page
Simon J. Gerraty misc/1458: Use $(INSTALL) rather than install in *.mk
Simon J. Gerraty bin/1459: split -l bug
der Mouse Re: bin/1459: split -l bug
Simon J. Gerraty kern/1460: swap leakage bin/1462: vi uninformative if /tmp not writable
davide@PIPER.NECTAR. bin/1463: su doesn't correctly test for membership in "wheel"
Ignatios Souvatzis port-amiga/1471: kernel panics during reboot
Matthias Pfaller misc/1464: crunchgen and special srcdir
Matthias Pfaller port-i386/1465: ibcs2 emulation code fails to set VMIN and VTIME
der Mouse Re: bin/1463: su doesn't correctly test for membership in "wheel"
Andrew Gillham port-i386/1467: 3c509 driver (if_ep.c) panics
Giles Lean misc/1469: doco bug in mount_union manpage
Giles Lean misc/1468: Change request for to allow override of CC etc
thomas@mathematik.un bin/1470: ftp(1) prints bogus transfer times
David Carrel bin/1473: netstat -i formats badly
David Rosenthal Fix for AHA-1542CP bin/1472: mount_nfs can't use different port numbers
Rodney W. Grimes Re: Fix for AHA-1542CP
Simon J. Gerraty bin/1474: usr.bin/msgs spins on empty bounds file
Ignatios Souvatzis port-amiga/1475: Amiga internal allows wrong and forbids right baud settings
Jukka Marin port-amiga/1478: if_ed.c bug fix for port-amiga
Bernd Ernesti bin/1476: Additional diffs for sendmail-8.7
Juergen Hannken-Illjes port-i386/1477: Add bounce buffers to ISA DMA
Scott Reynolds misc/1479: README.sup references nonexistent kern-mac release kern/1480: /sys/dev/isa/wd.c will not build with WDDEBUG defined
John Kohl kern/1481: vax-specific comment in <sys/reboot.h>
John Kohl kern/1483: ncr53c810 driver botches minphys, kills DIAGNOSTIC kernel
John Kohl kern/1482: scsi disk dump routine doesn't set SCSI_DATA_OUT
Mike Long port-i386/1484: /sys/arch/i386/conf/GENERIC isn't generic anymore port-sparc/1485: sparc stand doesn't build libs in obj dirs.
Eduardo Horvath port-amiga/1487: Kernel panics from uninitialized data
John Kohl bin/1486: can't force crashdump with reboot(8)
Chris G. Demetriou bin/1488: 'make' does wrong thing with .c.a rule bin/1489: atq output misaligned when strlen($USERNAME) is 8
09/21/1995 bin/1490: /etc/security has some problems. port-amiga/1491: Prototype problems in sunos_machdep.c
John Kohl kern/1492: no feedback at shutdown-time unmounts
Thorsten Lockert kern/1493: Kernel PPP driver does not update some statistics fields
09/22/1995 bin/1494: depends on sys/compat sources bin/1495: Bad feature in ls(1)
der Mouse Re: bin/1495: Bad feature in ls(1)
jason bin/1497: where is the pale mistress of the dead?
09/24/1995 port-mac/1499: serial driver port-mac/1498: serial driver
Chris Jones misc/1501: man page inconsistencies
Peter Svensson bin/1500: Error in /usr/sbin/diskpart
Jonathan Stone kern/1505: rcons font is broken on little-endian machines
Christos Zoulas bin/1502: Bourne Shell does not honor -v flag in scripts
Robert Black Re: bin/1495: Bad feature in ls(1)
Thorsten Lockert bin/1507: better SKEY and KERBEROS integration
Eduardo E. Horvath eeh@ Re: bin/1495: Bad feature in ls(1)
Giles Lean kern/1503: kernel trap (i386) on NFS mount
Giles Lean bin/1504: init doesn't notice lines deleted from /etc/ttys
Klaus Klein port-amiga/1510: subdir src/sys/arch/amiga/stand/grfconfig missing in -current lib/1509: mountd is less than informative on invalid /etc/exports
Jonathan Stone kern/1511: dev/scsi/ files fail to include <sys/systm.h>
John Kohl kern/1513: msdosfs panics (locking against myself) with mv
Douglas Thomas Crosher port-i386/1506: My WD340 IDE drive fails when on a second controller; + hack t
John Kohl kern/1512: vnode device driver fails to lock properly, causing union failures
Walter Ruetten port-mac/1514: Bad stop condition in mac68k/pramasm.s:readPram() and writePram( kern/1515: Changing netstat variables to 64 bit
Alistair G. Crooks misc/1517: yacc(1) references yyfix(1), which is non-existent
Alistair G. Crooks kern/1518: seagate.c references memcmp.
Matthias Pfaller port-i386/1516: lpt.c does not support plip
Matthieu Herrb lib/1519: add a french message catalog for libc
Chris Jones misc/1521: NetBSD isn't in /usr/share/dict
Chris G Demetriou Re: bin/1488: 'make' does wrong thing with .c.a rule
Scott Reynolds misc/1522: recent change breaks libgroff compile
Chris G. Demetriou bin/1523: make doesn't properly depend on .a files
Matthieu Herrb port-sparc/1520: /sys/arch/sparc/dev/fdvar.h not installed in /usr/include
John Kohl kern/1524: union_dircache has race that can give duplicate dircache to two unio
Chris G Demetriou Re: bin/1488: 'make' does wrong thing with .c.a rule
Mike Long lib/1526: libterm is not self-contained; it needs a termcap.h
Christos Zoulas Re: bin/1488: 'make' does wrong thing with .c.a rule
Mike Long bin/1527: grog prints garbage after result
Jonathan Stone bin/1528: builds foo.o.o for libc ?
Masanobu Saitoh misc/1530: strange HISTORY in amq.8
Thor Lancelot Simon kern/1525: It's 22:00. Do you know where the ncr driver just scribbled your dis
Matthieu Herrb port-i386/1529: iso-latin1 and foreign keyboards support for pccons
Scott Reynolds Re: lib/1526: libterm is not self-contained; it needs a termcap.h
Christos Zoulas Re: bin/1528: builds foo.o.o for libc ?
Mike Long Re: lib/1526: libterm is not self-contained; it needs a termcap.h
der Mouse kern/1536: [dM] rconsole is 8-bit-dirty + other options
J.T. Conklin Re: bin/1488: 'make' does wrong thing with .c.a rule
Masanobu Saitoh misc/1531: missing section number in ac.8
Masanobu Saitoh misc/1533: iostat(1)->iostat(8)
Masanobu Saitoh misc/1534: Bug in grep.1
Masanobu Saitoh misc/1532: vmstat(1)->vmstat(8)
Masanobu Saitoh misc/1535: Bug in indent.1
Ignatios Souvatzis port-amiga/1537: ite forgets keymap on reinit and resets to builtin default
John Kohl kern/1540: union FS botches namei/link locking protocols
Frank van der Linden bin/1539: Possible endless loop in nfsiod
sommerfeld@orchard.m bin/1541: pppd needs to learn that NetBSD >= linux
Niklas Hallqvist bin/1545: self-contained ktrace files
Francois Pays port-mac/1544: bug-report
cracauer@wavehh.hans misc/1546: Bug in /usr/share/mk/ when compiling *.cc to *.o
Christos Zoulas Re: bin/1488: 'make' does wrong thing with .c.a rule
sommerfeld@orchard.m misc/1543: bdes(1) contains (now false) information
sommerfeld@orchard.m misc/1542: bdes(1) contains (now false) information
Giles Lean lib/1547: Minor fixes to link(5) manual
John Hawkinson bin/1548: last should display seconds
martin@rumolt.teuto. lib/1549: Add a german message catalog to libc/nls
Rob Healey kern/1550: Another wacky tape device for scsiconf.c bin/1552: Typo in cut man page bin/1551: Typo in disklabel man page
Chris Jones port-mac/1553: spurious call to Debugger() in macrom.c