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Re: How to build only one part of NetBSD system

>> As always before such an operation, "do the kernel first".
> How do you do the kernel first without building the userland to
> build the updated tools?

The "do the kernel first" is sort of a "general warning".
Whether it is strictly needed depends on what version user-land
and what version source you are trying to mix.

Ultimately, if you e.g. install a -current libc and still run a
9.3 kernel, I predict that you are going to have a hard time
recovering from the mistake.

As for the build error, it's difficult to say.  Building the
kernel typically requires that it *not* be done against the
(possibly old) headers of the running system, and possibly also
with the compiler and tools in the "tools" result.

It's difficult to know what failed in your case without
significantly more details.


- Håvard

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