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WDCTL_RST failed for drive 0 / wd0: IDENTIFY failed (SATA autodetection issue after installation)

Hello all,

with one of the newer builds of 9.99 (unfortunately I can't narrow it down more) I have a problem on a NUC5 with a Seagate Firecuda SATA hard drive (hybrid HDD/SSD).

As long as I boot from the USB stick (for installation, as well as later for booting the kernel with root redirected to the wd0) the hard drive wd0 is recognized correctly and works without problems.

When I boot directly from the wd0 hard drive, I get through the boot loader fine, which also still loads the kernel correctly into memory. However, when running the initialization or hardware detection, there is then a problem with the initialization of wd0:

WDCTL_RST failed for drive 0
wd0: IDENTIFY failed

The error pattern seems to be not quite rare and probably the closest to it is this post:

Recent changes to the SATA autodetection timing are mentioned there. This would fit my experience, since I had the problem neither with 9.1 (build from 02/16/2021) nor with older 9.99 versions. Does anyone know more specifics about this timing thing, as well as known workarounds if there are any? I have several NUC5s with exactly this model of hard drive running stably for several years - it would be a shame if I now have to replace them for such a reason.

Many greetings

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