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Re: File system corruption due to UFS2 extended attributes

Chuck Silvers <> writes:

> The introduction in NetBSD's implementation of UFS2 of the extended
> attribute code from FreeBSD has introduced a compatibility problem
> with previous releases of NetBSD.  The explanation of this problem is
> a bit involved and requires knowing some history, so please bear with me
> as I explain.

Your analysis and approach make sense to me, even though it's
regrettable that it is necessary.  I guess UFS needs zfs-style feature

What about compatibility with FreeBSD?

  - What happens if someone takes a FreeBSD UFS2 filesystem and mounts
    it under NetBDS 9?

  - What happens if someone tries to mount a NetBSD <=9 UFS2 filesystem
    on FreeBSD?   A 10 UFS2 filesystem w/o ea?  with?

Or is it already the case that FreeBSD and NetBSD do not interoperate
with UFS2?

And same questions for the other active BSD variants, which I think is
mostly OpenBSD and Dragonfly these days but I have lost track.

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