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Re: Radeon HD 5450?

    Date:        Wed, 11 May 2022 22:00:03 -0000 (UTC)
    From: (Michael van Elst)
    Message-ID:  <t5hbl3$ik$>

  | Would be interesting to see what happens, when in EFI mode you
  | switch to the graphics mode with the gop command before booting
  | the kernel....

Not sure that my efiboot is up to that, but I can upgrade it
if needed.  When I get a chance, I will try, see if I duplicate
RVP's results.  It may still need to be an old (9.99.92) kernel if
testing X is to be included, my (-8'ish version) X server simply
references *0 with the expected result if run with a post DRM
update kernel.  Upgrading that is not happening soon.


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