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Re: Radeon HD 5450?

On Wed, 11 May 2022, Michael van Elst wrote:

Would be interesting to see what happens, when in EFI mode you
switch to the graphics mode with the gop command before booting
the kernel....

One of the first things I tried with my integrated IvyBridge Intel
GPU. No change with the gop command in UEFI mode. (I set a 1024x768
mode which was what DRMKMS seems to go for on my HW.) I only got
a usable console in UEFI mode with this hack:

In CSM mode, the modesetting driver works OK except for minor
glitches.  But, if you try the `wsfb' Xorg driver on top of `intelfb'
you get what I can only describe as a 1-line framebuffer (graphics
mode). The same thing with a FB test program on the console. The
framebuffer looks like a single line of 1024? pixels right at the
top of the screen.

And, compiling-in some fonts (notably SPLEEN12x24--anything which
doesn't seem to be a multiple of 8x8) causes the kernel to reboot
right at the start.

Haven't had the time to hunt any of these snarks yet...


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