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Radeon HD 5450?

Hi All,

   I've been trying to get -current running on a new Dell Precision
3650.  It is a UEFI boot only machine and when booting -current
with a Radeon HD 5450 installed (which works great on 9.2 on
an Dell Optiplex 7040) it panics when it can't find the Radeon BIOS.

The messages at this point are:

  kern info: [drm] register mmio base: 0x70900000
  kern info: [drm] register mmio size: 131072
  {drm:netbsd:radeon_get_bios+0x480} *ERROR Unable to locate a BIOS ROM
  radeon0: autoconfiguration error: error: Fatal error during GPU init
  radeon0: autoconfiguration error: unable to register drm: 22
  panic: cnopen: no console device

Is the 5450 too old a device for the UEFI boot only machine or 
is there a way to get the BIOS address for the autoconfiguration?


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