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re: Radeon HD 5450?

Phil Nelson writes:
> Hi All,
>    I've been trying to get -current running on a new Dell Precision
> 3650.  It is a UEFI boot only machine and when booting -current
> with a Radeon HD 5450 installed (which works great on 9.2 on
> an Dell Optiplex 7040) it panics when it can't find the Radeon BIOS.
> The messages at this point are:
>   kern info: [drm] register mmio base: 0x70900000
>   kern info: [drm] register mmio size: 131072
>   {drm:netbsd:radeon_get_bios+0x480} *ERROR Unable to locate a BIOS ROM
>   radeon0: autoconfiguration error: error: Fatal error during GPU init
>   radeon0: autoconfiguration error: unable to register drm: 22
>   panic: cnopen: no console device
>   ...
> Is the 5450 too old a device for the UEFI boot only machine or 
> is there a way to get the BIOS address for the autoconfiguration?

i can't easily check for a couple of weeks, but i have a system
i think i had to use UEFI for that had a 5450.  it didn't fail
entirely like the above, it failed the "ring 3" test, and
disabled acceleration.  this mean eg, X worked ok, but many things
use a lot of CPU.  fortunately, this is a zen3 system so it's got
a lot of CPU -- would cost about 1.5 cpus to play a 1080p video.

this system has a nouveau 730 in it now, and everything is better
except one time libdrm_nouveau triggered an assert() and X crashed.
(an operation that should have a resource available didn't have it,
and the assert() tripped this wanted invariant.  i don't have the
details handy.)

the 5450 is old enough that while pcie shouldn't have these sorts
of problems, i've had modern systems fail with pcie gpus, and i've
had newer gpus fail in older pcie systems -- i believe it was the
radeon RX 550 that caused my (old) core2 system to not boot.

do you have anything else handy to test?  gpus are crazy stupid
prices these days :-(


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