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Supported graphics (in HEAD)

I am in the process of acquiring a new destop (deskunder really) PC.
I am trying to discover what kind of graphics card I should get,
and cannot work out how to do that, other than by asking here.
I hunted in the sources and couldn't find anything useful.

pcidevs has lots listed, but I know being listed there does not
mean supported.   It would actually be useful to have a column
in there indicating the oldest NetBSD to support each device
(blank if not supported) - and for starting 8 would be good
enough for everything supported in earlier versions as well.
(just perhaps some notation to indicate up to, for devices for
which support has been dropped).  This info would be ignored
for the purposes of pcidevs.[ch]

That is not the point of thhis message.  Working out what to
get (if anything is needed) is.

The processor is Intel, with integrated graphics, in a motherboard
which will support that.   But it is very new, and I doubt our
support is anywhere near it yet (but I have no doubt that we will
get there eventually).   Processor is i9-12900KS which has UHD 770

So I am contemplating getting an older model graphics card, if I
will need one, but I have no idea which, and local availability
here of older stuff is not great.

Before continuing, a short story to illustrate my needs/requirements.
Last time I was in this situation (almost a decade ago) I was
faced with the same problem.  It happened that someone else asked
a similar question, just at the right time.   That was answered.
Sorry, I no longer remember who was involved.  At the time there
was no (supported anyway) intel graphics, and nvidia support was
poor, if it really existed at all, so the question was about radeon.

The answer was to get a radeon 4000 series, for that some
acceration was supported, whereas with the 5000 series all
that would be possible is for it to be a dumb frame buffer.

I immediately went and bought a radeon 5000 (not a typo)
and it has been working perfectly and meeting my needs ever
since.   That includes happily running multiple monitors.

What I need from the new one is no different than I needed
then, a flat frame buffer, capable of supporting 3 high res
monitors (3840x2160, 1440x2560 (portrait mode), and 2560x1080.)

The oldest addin graphics cards avaikable to me are:

	Radeon RX 6500
	Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650

but those don't really offer suitable monitor connections.
There are Nvidia 1030's listed, but all "not available".

Next are:

	Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660
	Radeon RX 6600

Which look as if they might be workable, if supported.

Any advice?



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