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Re: error upgrading packages on current / pkg database


after I rebuild successfully glib2, pkg_rolling-replace did work for several hours. Disturbed only by the entropy problem

Then I end up with this situation.

RR> Checking for mismatched installed packages using pkg_chk
rr> Installed: py37-gobject-2.28.7nb4
rr> WARNING: mismatch variable not set due to permissions;
rr>          mismatch status will not persist.
RR> Excluding the following mismatched packages:
rr> EXCLUDE=[]
RR> Checking for rebuild-requested installed packages (rebuild=YES)
RR> Checking for unsafe installed packages (unsafe_depends=YES)
RR> Packages to rebuild:
rr> MISMATCH_TODO=[py37-gobject]
RR> Building dependency graph for installed packages
RR> Tsorting dependency graph
*** pkg_chk reports the following packages need replacing, but they are not installed: py37-gobject
*** Please read the errors listed above, fix the problem,
*** then re-run pkg_rolling-replace to continue.

Indeed it is not installed, I only have the py27 version which got pulled in by gimp! I actually removed the previous version, reinstalled gimp and ended again with the py27 version installed.
why does prr complain?


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