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Re: error upgrading packages on current / pkg database

Hi Greg,

Greg Troxel wrote:
> 1) Understand how pkgdb works
>   cd /usr/pkg/pkgdb
>   look around at the contents
> 2) look at glib2 specifically
>   ls -ld glib2-*
>   for d in glib2-*; do
>      echo DIR $d
>      ls -l  $d
>   done
> 3) Figure out how to write 'pkg_admin fsck' which will detect/fix
> automatically

thanks.... I actually went "harder". I removed glib2 from pkgdb (as in
rm -rf), thus I was able to install (not "reinstall" of course) glib2,
from pkg_admin rebuild worked and was able to continue.

Now I have other issues..... I'll bang my head and in case report them
more detailed.



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