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re: Stable names for USB serial adapters

> Perhaps you, like me, are frustrated that USB serial devices can get
> enumerated in non-deterministic ways, which makes putting those device
> names in configuration files (such as /etc/remote) less than useful.
> I threw together a little devpubd hook to fix this problem for those
> adapters that have serial numbers (FTDI devices seem to reliably have
> these):
[ .. ]

this works great!  if i have serialnumbers in my ucoms :-(
out of 20 devices, i have 3 with serial numbers, leaving me
with 22 ucoms without a stable name (5 dual port devices.)

tempted to suggest we include something like this in src,
i just wish it could work better for me.  i just spent far
too long making them attach in the same order in a new
machine using hard coded kernel config.. oh well.



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