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Re: Using NetBSD-current/amd64 on Sunfire X2200-M2 servers

	hello.  The bug is similar to, but not the same as, kern/32767.  The ASF firmware provides
a virtual console and IPMI management tools for the server on the same physical port as one of
the hosts ethernet ports.  When the system boots, it knocks the IPMI board off the net by
virtue of the fact that the phy gets set to the wrong speed by the bge(4) driver.  I am
explicitly not setting any parameters in /etc/ifconfig.bge1 because, while that would work
around the problem if the system boots in multi user mode, it means that if the system needs to
be booted into single user mode, one loses the IPMI management system and, as a consequence,
access to the console.  Worse, it also means that one needs physical access to the machine to
reset it.  Since these machines live in data centers and must be remotely managed, that is not
an acceptable work around.

On Apr 21, 12:37pm, wrote:
} Subject: Re: Using NetBSD-current/amd64 on Sunfire X2200-M2 servers
} Apologies for the naïve question...
} Are you explicitly setting the interface parameters in /etc/ifconfig.bge1
} file?
} Or is there some reason you prefer not to?
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