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Re: Using NetBSD-current/amd64 on Sunfire X2200-M2 servers

> The issue appears to be that when the port is configured at boot time, the
> media autoselect
> code selects 10baset-fdx on the port with ASF running even though the
> actual speed should be
> 100baset-fdx.  Typing:
> ifconfig bge1 up;ifconfig bge1 down
> causes the autoselect code to select the correct speed and duplex.
> I realize the ifconfig bge1 down isn't necessary, but I want to show that
> turning the port off
> doesn't revert it to the broken state.
> What I don't understand is what's different between the initial sequence
> of configuring the
> port and doing it again with ifconfig up.  I've combed through the
> if_bge.c file, looking at
> the initialization differences between bge_init() and bge_attach(), and
> they look pretty much
> the same relative to the handling of the phy.
> Clearly, however, they are not.
> Also,I've tried to factor out the differences between what the driver in
> NetBSD-5.2 does,
> versus the current driver, since the 5.2 driver works correctly relative
> to the ASF firmware.
> Any thoughts anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.  I feel I'm
> close to the answer,
> but don't yet have it.

Apologies for the naïve question...
Are you explicitly setting the interface parameters in /etc/ifconfig.bge1
Or is there some reason you prefer not to?

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