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Re: Using NetBSD-current/amd64 on Sunfire X2200-M2 servers

	hello.  After close to a month with struggling with this issue, I feel like I have a
better understanding of the bge(4) driver, but I still don't have a solution to my specific
problem.  Following up on my original message regarding this issue, see below, I've figured out
how to get the port to autonegotiate speed and duplex at boot time, but I still can't get the
ASE/IPMI side of the chip to auto-enable itself as it does under V1.152.4.6 of the if_bge.c
file.  While I can get the IPMI port to work if I log into the machine once it's booted and
ifconfig bge1 up; ifconfig bge1 down

this does me no good if I have to boot the machine in single user mode for some maintenance
purpose.  And, no, because of the way one of my installations is set up, abandoning the port
that's running in dual-use mode from the NetBSD side of the port isn't an option because the
machine in question is remotely located and cannot be physically accessed in a timely manner.

	So, any thoughts would be helpful in tracking this issue down.

On Apr 20, 11:02pm, Brian Buhrow wrote:
} Subject: Re: Using NetBSD-current/amd64 on Sunfire X2200-M2 servers
} 	hello.  Following up on this post, I can now more succinctly describe the problem.  
} The issue appears to be that when the port is configured at boot time, the media autoselect
} code selects 10baset-fdx on the port with ASF running even though the actual speed should be
} 100baset-fdx.  Typing:
} ifconfig bge1 up;ifconfig bge1 down
} causes the autoselect code to select the correct speed and duplex.
} I realize the ifconfig bge1 down isn't necessary, but I want to show that turning the port off
} doesn't revert it to the broken state.
} What I don't understand is what's different between the initial sequence of configuring the
} port and doing it again with ifconfig up.  I've combed through the if_bge.c file, looking at
} the initialization differences between bge_init() and bge_attach(), and they look pretty much
} the same relative to the handling of the phy.
} Clearly, however, they are not.
} Also,I've tried to factor out the differences between what the driver in NetBSD-5.2 does,
} versus the current driver, since the 5.2 driver works correctly relative to the ASF firmware.
} Any thoughts anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.  I feel I'm close to the answer,
} but don't yet have it.
} -thanks
} -Brian
>-- End of excerpt from Brian Buhrow

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