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Re: error upgrading packages on current / pkg database

On 15/04/2022 17:19, Riccardo Mottola wrote:

I did a full system upgrade (running now ) and then got current pkgsrc.

Now I try to run pkg_rolling-replace -uv ; it compiled for days, then stops.

disc# pkg_admin check
...................................pkg_admin: can't open
/usr/pkg/pkgdb/glib2-2.70.2nb1/+CONTENTS: No such file or directory

Hmm. Thats interesting. I've seen that happen on one of my 9.2-STABLE systems when doing a pkgin upgrade. Although in my case it was librsvg that got clobbered.

Instead of the correct pkgdb data the folder existed but contained a random core file. The core file wasn't from any pkg tool.
I ended up with:

Which isn't even a tool I use its just something pulled in as a dependendency.

disc# pkg_admin rebuild
pkg_admin: glib2-2.70.2nb1: can't open `+CONTENTS'

disc# pkg_admin rebuild-tree
pkg_admin: Cannot read +CONTENTS of package glib2-2.70.2nb1

I don't know what else to try to fix.
The files in that folder are container within the pkg .tar.gz file if
you have it around so you can extract them into the folder and then use pkg_admin to put things back together. That's what I did to sort myself out :)

Something like:

tar zxf glib-2.70.2nb1.tgz +*


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