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Problem reports for version control systems

Hi all,
The problem reports people have in their emails are completely inadequate for trying to determine what is going wrong for people trying to access the NetBSD source.

Since I was the first person to post an inadequate report in this first batch, I'll go first at trying to do better. There are three sections to this email. First, a description of the host and network I am running this on. Second, a description of what I did, what I got, and what I expected to get. Third, I'll speculate on possible causes.

Host and Network

I am in New Zealand, which tends to have good internet access to the home and Long Fat Networks (LFNs) to the rest of the world.

The host is a Xeon E3-1241 v3 @ 3.50GHz with eight hyperthreads and 32GB RAM. It has a 128GB SSD for / and 4x4TB disks in a raidz zpool on /vol. All work is being done on /vol. The OS is NetBSD 9.99.79.

The network is a 1Gb/s LAN through to a smaller NetBSD router running NPF with MSS clamping enabled so that I can get Netflix. My ISP does not use CGN for my IPv4 connection. My IPv6 connection is tunnelled through to Hurricane Electric in Sydney, Australia.

    ceph4% cvs -v

    Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.12.13 (client/server)
    with CVSACL Patch 1.2.5 (

    ceph4% hg --version
    Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 5.3.2)

What I Did, Got, and Expected

In all cases, I pretty much copied instructions from the NetBSD web site.

    ceph4% cd /vol/src/cylc/src-CVS
    ceph4% export CVSROOT=""
    ceph4% export CVS_RSH="ssh"
    ceph4% cvs checkout -A -P src
    cvs checkout: Updating src
    U src/BUILDING
    U src/Makefile
    U src/
    U src/
    U src/crypto/external/bsd/heimdal/dist/lib/wind/test-utf8.c
    [very long pause here]
    client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe
    cvs [checkout aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)

I expected the output to not pause too much and for the listing to run through to the end of src/usr.sbin without disconnecting and aborting.

    ceph4% hg clone -U src-hg
    [lots of progress stuff gets displayed here]
    applying clone bundle from
    adding changesets
    adding manifests
    adding file changes
    added 931876 changesets with 2425841 changes to 439702 files (+417 heads)
    finished applying clone bundle
    searching for changes
    adding changesets
    adding manifests
    adding file changes
    adding changesets
    adding manifests
    adding file changes
    added 22612 changesets with 161374 changes to 110024 files (+6 heads)
    new changesets 26c8f37631b6:6f32acf2c5e1 (230 drafts)
    280602 local changesets published

This is what I expected.


I'm suspicious of the long pause in the CVS example. Maybe one end or the other of the CVS connection spent too long doing disk I/O or calculating stuff and then NPF timed-out the connection?


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