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-current install-image failure


I see some failure reports at the moment; today my build stopped at
install-image ( live-image was successful; as iso-image runs after
install-image, it didn't take place).

The excerpt of the log follows:
Preparing spec files for makefs...
rm -f work.spec
cat work/etc/mtree/* |
/home/sysbuild/amd64/tools/bin/nbsed -e 's/ size=[0-9]*//' > work.spec
/bin/sh work/dev/MAKEDEV -s all ipty |
/home/sysbuild/amd64/tools/bin/nbsed -e '/^\. type=dir/d' -e
's,^\.,./dev,' >> work.spec
cat /home/sysbuild/src/distrib/common/bootimage/ >> work.spec
echo "./boot type=file uname=root gname=wheel mode=0444"  >> work.spec
cat /home/sysbuild/src/distrib/amd64/installimage/spec.inst >> work.spec
Creating rootfs...
chmod +r work/var/spool/ftp/hidden
/home/sysbuild/amd64/tools/bin/nbmakefs -M 1646264320 -m 1646264320
                  -B 1234                                         -F
work.spec -N work/etc
      work.rootfs work
Calculated size of `work.rootfs': 1646264320 bytes, 10543 inodes
Extent size set to 16384
work.rootfs: 1570.0MB (3215360 sectors) block size 16384, fragment size 2048
        using 9 cylinder groups of 183.86MB, 11767 blks, 23552 inodes.
super-block backups (for fsck -b #) at:
      32,  376576,  753120, 1129664, 1506208, 1882752, 2259296, 2635840,
Populating `work.rootfs'
Image `work.rootfs' complete
/home/sysbuild/amd64/tools/bin/nbinstallboot -v -m amd64  work.rootfs
File system:         work.rootfs
Primary bootstrap:   work/usr/mdec/bootxx_ffsv1
Ignoring PBR with invalid magic in sector 0 of `work.rootfs'
Boot options:        timeout 5, flags 0, speed 9600, ioaddr 0, console pc
mv work.rootfs imgroot.fs
create EFI system partition...
/home/sysbuild/amd64/tools/bin/x86_64--netbsd-install -c -m 0644
work/usr/mdec/bootx64.efi work.efidir/EFI/boot/`basename
/home/sysbuild/amd64/tools/bin/x86_64--netbsd-install -c -m 0644
work/usr/mdec/bootia32.efi work.efidir/EFI/boot/`basename
rm -f work.efi
/home/sysbuild/amd64/tools/bin/nbmakefs -M 128m -m 128m
  -B 1234
                           -t msdos -o F=32,c=1
            work.efi work.efidir
Creating `work.efi'
work.efi: 258078 sectors in 258078 FAT32 clusters (512 bytes/cluster)
MBR type: 11
bps=512 spc=1 res=32 nft=2 mid=0xf0 spt=63 hds=255 hid=0 bsec=262144
bspf=2017 rdcl=2 infs=1 bkbs=2
Populating `work.efi'
Image `work.efi' complete
cat  work.mbr.truncated work.efi imgroot.fs work.gpt > work.img
/home/sysbuild/amd64/tools/bin/nbgpt  work.img biosboot -i 2
  -c /home/sysbuild/amd64/obj/home/sysbuild/src/distrib/amd64/installimage/work/usr/mdec/gptmbr.bin
nbgpt: work.img: No secondary GPT header; run recover
*** Failed target:  NetBSD-9.99.82-amd64-install.img
*** Failed command: /home/sysbuild/amd64/tools/bin/nbgpt work.img
biosboot -i 2 -c
*** Error code 1
nbmake[4]: stopped in /home/sysbuild/src/distrib/amd64/installimage



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