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Re: GCC 10 available for testing etc. in -current.

On Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 04:39:45PM +1200, Lloyd Parkes wrote:
> Someone moved the bookmark called "@" in a way that Mercurial wasn't willing
> to blindly propagate into my local, central copy of the Mercurial src
> repository. This could easily have been done by part of the CVS to Mercurial
> tracking that is done rather than by a real person.

It is always set to the head of the current "trunk" fork, but when
someone messes up history, that's a non-linear update. In that case
mercurial renames it. It normally only affects new clones/shares as it
is otherwise unused.

> Mercurial then left the original "@" bookmark in place in my central copy of
> the src repository, created a bookmark called "@default" to track the
> upstream "@", and finally issued me a warning about a "divergent bookmark".
> I didn't know what that meant or that I was using the "@" bookmark. It turns
> out that "@" is the default thing to checkout if such a bookmark exists.


> The fix is for me to explicitly checkout the branch "trunk" when I don't
> want a specific branch. And also to keep an eye on messages when I update my
> local, central copy of the Mercurial src repository.

Also reasonable.


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