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Re: GCC 10 available for testing etc. in -current.

On 19/04/21 10:21 am, Lloyd Parkes wrote:

On 17/04/21 6:30 pm, Lloyd Parkes wrote:
I am using the Mercurial repository at for fetching the source code because it's nice and quick

So I'm now downloading the source code through CVS instead of Mercurial because nobody else seems to be having the same problems that I'm having building with GCC 10.

I found the answer.

Someone moved the bookmark called "@" in a way that Mercurial wasn't willing to blindly propagate into my local, central copy of the Mercurial src repository. This could easily have been done by part of the CVS to Mercurial tracking that is done rather than by a real person.

Mercurial then left the original "@" bookmark in place in my central copy of the src repository, created a bookmark called "@default" to track the upstream "@", and finally issued me a warning about a "divergent bookmark". I didn't know what that meant or that I was using the "@" bookmark. It turns out that "@" is the default thing to checkout if such a bookmark exists.

Of course, when cloning to a build box Mercurial just cloned my central repository without needing to warn me about divergent bookmarks (there was no divergence at this step) and I was unknowingly using an old version of the source tree with no possibility of it ever getting updated.

The fix is for me to explicitly checkout the branch "trunk" when I don't want a specific branch. And also to keep an eye on messages when I update my local, central copy of the Mercurial src repository.

Now I can get back to building things with GCC 10 and then wondering how to get all the hardware booted.


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