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Re: mail/sendmail not relaying on netbsd-9/sparc, problem with OpenSSL update?

I've had a couple of responses to this with some questions about
my setup.

When last working, the system was running NetBSD/sparc-9.1_STABLE from

  Thu Mar 11 11:44:19 CST 2021 9.1_STABLE

With all packages built from pkgsrc-2020Q4.

There was a hiccup around mid-March when my ISP up-degraded their mail
system without notice and changed the SMTP-AUTH mechanism, so I had to
probe it to find out what was now being accepted.  I added the
appropriate cy2-<foo> plugin and mail was again being sent.

I don't know if it was simply coincidental or not, but only after
updating with a netbsd-9 after the OpenSSL pull-up did mail stop
being relayed.  The libcrypto and libssl versions didn't change with
the update/pull-up.

I've now looked at things with 'tcpdump -i <interface> port submission'
and now I see 'sendmail' talking to a machine that is NOT my ISP's
customer-facing outbound MTA--albeit a machine in the same domain as
that which responds when the actual MTA is contacted.  It seems to try
to send stuff--as the files in "/var/spool/mqueue" increase, there's more
'tcpdump' output when I run 'sendmail -q', but the mail remains queued
and not sent. No additional messages appear in "/var/log/maillog".

Trying to specify the "SMART_HOST" by IP address doesn't work--it still
contacts the same wrong machine.  Trying to manually probe the wrong
host with 'telnet foo submission' or
'openssl s_client -connect foo:submission' times out.

And I just did a series of DNS queries and there may be something weird
going on. Forward query for the ISP's MTA returns an IP address, but the
reverse query ('dig -x ip-addr') returns the name of the "wrong" machine
and forward query of the "wrong" machine yields a different IP address.

So, what I was seeing in the logs was sendmail talking to the correct
machine, but 'tcpdump' resolving the name to the wrong host and my probes
of the wrong host would naturally fail.

My build has finished so I'll update again and see what happens.

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