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mail/sendmail not relaying on netbsd-9/sparc, problem with OpenSSL update?

Pardon the poor or utter lack of formatting, I'm having to use
my ISP's webmail system to send this, due to the problem in the
Subject: line.

After updating my mail hub to the latest NetBSD/sparc-9.1_STABLE
including the OpenSSL update and the fix to silence the "coprocessor
instruction" console SPAM, I find that my sendmail (mail/sendmail
v8.15.2nb9) is no-longer relaying mail out of my system.

It accepts mail from my internal hosts (set up as mostly-null clients)
and queues it in "/var/spool/mqueue" but never attempts to contact my
configured SMART_HOST.  There's nothing in any log files that indicates
any problem, it just doesn't follow through on relaying outbound mail.
Attempting to forcibly flush the queue with 'sudo sendmail -q' has no

The only relevant change between working and not working was the update
of OpenSSL pulled up to netbsd-9.  I'm using packages from pkgsrc
immediately prior to the roll-back of glib2 from 2.68 to 2.66 (just as
a reference of the state of packages).  There were no changes to
"mail/sendmail", "security/cyrus-sasl", or "security/cy2-{login,plain}".

I've cloned my netbsd-9 tree and rolled back the OpenSSL update (only,
prior to 27-Mar-2021 14.35 UTC) and am building the distribution and
sets.  Once I update the mail hub from that, I'll see if sendmail will
go ahead and relay.

Anyone else using "mail/sendmail" and seeing anything similar?  (Since
my ISP's customer-facing outbound MTA requires authentication,
"security/cyrus-sasl" and an appropriate authentication plugin are also

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