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Re: broken for single-suffix rules since 1.144 (2021/11/09)

At Mon, 22 Mar 2021 21:56:40 -0000 (UTC), (Christos Zoulas) wrote:
Subject: Re: broken for single-suffix rules since 1.144 (2021/11/09)
> Thanks, I fixed the shuttle-rule issue, but let's split the LDSTATIC
> and the OPTIM into separate commits. DBG has side effects too (other
> Makefiles set it) so it should be done very carefully.

Thank you very much!

Yes, the other issues should be kept separate.  At the moment though I
have to be a bad workman and blame my tools for not making it easy for
me to produce diffs that separate issues.  Hopefully if/when NetBSD
finally makes it into a modern VCS then I'll be able to use the tools
I've become very familiar with more recently in other endeavours to
create topic-specific diffs!

The LDSTATIC and related COMPILER_LINK.* and CPPFLAGS changes are quite
simple and straight forward though, and I've used them for
nearly/more-than a decade now.  They are critically necessary for doing
full static builds but of course are only part of that story, though
luckily a completely independent part of it.

I've also used the OPIM/DBG change for as long or longer, though I have
seen some interaction with other third-party Makefiles (probably none
within NetBSD itself though, though of course I'll have to scan my tree
just to be sure I haven't forgotten fixing something somewhere).

					Greg A. Woods <>

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