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Re: broken for single-suffix rules since 1.144 (2021/11/09)

In article <m1lO7kF-0036urC@more.local>,
Greg A. Woods <> wrote:
>I just noticed that on my recently upgraded -current machines that I
>couldn't build simple programs from single source files with a
>"portable" Makefile any more.
>Instead the program binaries were being put into foo.o files!
>It looks like rev. 1.144 of was a bit too over-zealous.
>I'll send this as a PR also, but perhaps those running -current on
>development machines might need a more urgent fix.
>Here are my patches that include the fix, and also clean up the use of
>various flags in LINK.* (remove CPPFLAGS and add LDSTATIC) and introduce
>COMPILE_LINK.* macros to be used with the direct source to target binary
>rules (single-suffix rules) such as ".c:" (and finally also split the
>settings for debugger and optimizer flags).
>The key parts are to revert the change to use ${OBJECT_TARGET} in the
>single-suffix rules like ".c:" since ctfconvert(1) won't work on
>(static?) linked binaries, and because of course we still need the
>final output file to be the filename _without_ any suffix!

Thanks, I fixed the shuttle-rule issue, but let's split the LDSTATIC
and the OPTIM into separate commits. DBG has side effects too (other
Makefiles set it) so it should be done very carefully.


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