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Re: Help with libcurses and lynx under NetBSD-9 and -current?

On 27/01/2021 17:52, Christos Zoulas wrote:
In article <>,
RVP  <rvp%SDF.ORG@localhost> wrote:
This might be due to the fact that window(1) relies on setting a
custom TERMCAP environment variable to inform programs running
under it of the term. capabilities it supports, and the curses
library no longer makes use of that.

With ncurses, building it with the `--enable-termcap' option
makes it use the TERMCAP variable if it set in the environment.

The ncurses(w) in pkgsrc is not built with that option, so, I
compiled the latest ncurses from source with that option added
and lynx -show_cursor worked just fine under window(1).


I think we can make our libterminfo do the same by shuffling a few ifdefs
around :-)

No need for that.

TERMINFO_COMPILE is defined unless built SMALLPROG

So $TERMCAP is respected in the from the environement by default after installation. See terminfo(5) for more details as $TERMINFO will take precedence is also set.


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