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Help with libcurses and lynx under NetBSD-9 and -current?

	hello. I'm trying to use lynx, pkgsrc/www/lynx, with NetBSD-9 and NetBSD-current,
under the window(1), misc/window package, and I'm having trouble similar to the trouble
described in lib/54263.  I use the -showcursor option to lynx, so the
cursor tracks the links on the page.  Under NetBSD-9 and under Netbsd-99.77, the cursor gets
hidden when selecting from drop down menus, and the screen gets garbbled much as 
described in 54263.  The same version of lynx, built from the same pkgsrc tree, builds and
works fine under NetBSD-5.2, with the native curses there.  
	Might someone be able to shed some light on where the trouble is?
I filed a bug for this issue: pkg-55931.  I'm sure this is a libcurses problem, rather than a
pkgsrc problem at this point, but I didn't realize that when I filed the bug.
I use lynx everyday, so having this be broken under NetBSD-9 and -current is a bit of a show
Any help anyone can provide on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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