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Re: crash in amd64 -current

On Fri, 22 Jan 2021, Christos Zoulas wrote:

In article <>,
Paul Goyette  <> wrote:
With sources updated a few hours ago (2021-01-21 at 17:17:48 UTC) I am
getting the following crash as soon as it tries to start syslogd:


Also, why the heck does savecore(8) complain when I use the -N option?

	# savecore -fN /netbsd.bad.gdb
	savecore: dumpdev /dev/console is tty; override kernel

Seems that the dump device it finds by reading the kernel namelist
from /netbsd.bad.gdb ends up being /dev/console...
Is the machine you are running gdb the same as the machine that produced
the dump? because the dev_t it read from the kernel namelist matched the
dev_t for the console on the local machine in /dev.

Same machine.  The dump was produced by a ddb ``sync'' command from a
9.99.78 kernel, and savecore(8) was running on a 9.99.77 kernel-plus-
userland;  that's why I specified the -N.

It seems that savecore actually copied some info correctly without the
-N option, and crash(8) was able to get a stack-trace.  But gdb(1) was
unable to provide a stack trace.

This is with a custom kernel, with many device drivers loaded at run-

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