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Re: sponsor NetBSD for 2020

On Tue, 10 Nov 2020 19:48:47 +0000 wrote:

> Also, I strongly recommend offering a bounty for smaller units of
> work, even when you want a bigger one. It avoids problems with people
> dividing the work.
> If you would like this to be curated "officially" we can create a wiki
> page to coordinate the most up to date version of this.

I think it would need to be a group effort. For example, in order to
complete the port of NetBSD to sun4v in the next 6 months:

NetBSD foundation would estimate the time and cost involved. They could
reach out to various Net/Open/Free BSD developers and negotiate
reasonable rates. Looks like some work on sun4v has been done, so may
need some help to resolve remaining issues and port a few drivers. I
really don't know much about it.

Take the estimates to NetBSD users and do a survey of how many people
would contribute and how much. Based on the responses, establish
viability of this project.

If the project is to go ahead, reach out to those users again and ask
them to pay previously pledged contributions into a special fund
allocated for this project. NetBSD foundation would need to take
responsibility for managing the project and supporting the development

I would be happy to contribute a reasonable amount, but would not be
able to cover all the costs on my own.

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