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Re: sponsor NetBSD for 2020

On Tue, 10 Nov 2020 08:32:29 -0500
matthew sporleder <> wrote:

> Indeed -- casting a wide net is in our interest.  I hope you are able
> to use one of our many potential donation offerings -- paypal, stripe,
> amazon smile, github sponsorship.. any I am missing?

I think what may be missing is sponsorship for specific features.
NetBSD foundation normally decide where to spend the resources. It may
be used for worthwhile projects, but for different people some features
are more tangible than others.

For example, I'd be interested in sponsoring NetBSD on sun4v
architecture with support for LDOMs. OpenBSD have done a lot of work in
this area and there may be a lot of potential for porting their code.
Some of their developers could be interested in doing it if NetBSD
agreed a full-time paid project.

1. Identify the scope and cost.
2. If cost is feasible, setup project sponsorship page.
3. If enough money is raised over a set period of time, project goes
ahead, otherwise money is returned to the sponsors.
4. NetBSD oversee the delivery and quality of the project.

This approach is more targeted and allows the sponsors to have a say in
how their money is spent. If nobody is interested in a project and not
enough money is raised, then - c'est la vie...

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