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wired memory

My 4 Nov -current/amd64 build box seems to be building slowly, with a lot
of "biowait", e.g. watching the RES of a cc1plus slowly crawl up to SIZE
at around 3M per 5s.

Is 10G of "Wired" normal? (32G RAM + 64G swap)
(lots of malloc(9) and no free(9)?)

Memory: 3235M Act, 115M Inact, 10G Wired, 75M Exec, 2860M File, 2800M Free
Swap: 64G Total, 11G Used, 53G Free

it is "just" building...

Could kern.maxfiles = 108928 be an issue? (3404 default below)

Just looked at another amd64 box for comparison (also building - no swap):

Memory: 15G Act, 3820K Inact, 16M Wired, 44M Exec, 14G File, 135G Free



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