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re: please put back cat man pages, and what's the deal with warp?

> On 10.11.2020 09:19, matthew green wrote:
> > there was not nearly enough discussion for this and i object
> > quite strongly about this.  please revert immediately and
> > begin a real discussion.
> Revert MKCATPAGES change?

yes, all of it.  your proposal was not clear or properly
posted (just tech-userlevel?  man pages are used by all
sorts of users), and there are there is significant push
back, that was not resolved in the existing threads.

> It was proposed 17 ago without objects and according to core@ rules for
> removals. I waited even more than a week before the final removal.

that doesn't really matter.  your proposal wasn't complete
and now you've done more than it suggested, and it was not
proposed on the relevant lists, and you've changed unrelated
things (like fortune.)  your comments about "zero to do with
current UNIX" is also irrelevant.  if we only cared about
that, we'd throw away all of src/games and i'm pretty sure
you don't agree with that (and i'm glad to see you've been
talking to lwall!)

at this point the right thing is to revert, and then proceed
with the discussion.  if you can convince people that your
idea is of merit, you can put it back in, but right now that
is quite clearly not a shared sentiment.


ps: mouse: fortran went away because g77 went away, and since
gfortran got back, i've not had a chance to put it in our
build yet.  it was always the plan, but no one sent me a patch
yet... ;)

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