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recent sysinst UX changes

after several changes in 9.1 and -current, it's strange to me that the option
that I expect is the most popular for installing NetBSD (start over, fresh
partitions, use the whole disk) is no longer the default option:

> d: Delete everything, use different partitions

it's option 4! that doesn't feel right at all.

the installer in -current now asks users to input entropy by hand:

> {They should contain at last 256 bits of randomness, as in 256 coin
> tosses, 100 throws of a 6-sided die, 64 random hexadecimal digits, or
> (if you are able to copy & paste output from another machine into this
> installer) the output from running the following command on another
> machine whose randomness you trust:}

while inputting entropy by hand isn't something i would consider 
acceptable to expose to everyday users of a modern operating system
in the first place, the suggestion that they might use coin tosses
makes the entire thing feel like a big joke (and in general the dialog
is overly complicated).

i really feel like both of these things could be improved.

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