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re: benchmark results on ryzen 3950x with netbsd-9, -current, and -current (no DIAGNOSTIC)

hi folks.

this is an update on my previous testing.  i've excluded
amd64 release builds from this set, takes too long ;)

link at the bottom is the raw data, i've not tabulated it
more than this this time.  sorry.  summary has the more
interesting details.

new summary:

 - WOW.  i mean.  *WOW*.
 - see above.
 - 9.99.75 vs 9.99.48 (what i tested in the previous post
   this is a reply to) is still mostly WOW.
 - 'make configure' in lang/llvm drops from 28s to 17.3x. the
   following 'make' is down from 8m14 -> 6m33 best times.
 - 'grep -r . .' on netbsd-9 drops from 61/23s to 38/11s for
    the first-after-reboot/second runs.
 - amd64 GENERIC build times drop 70s -> 37s, using
   and nvme objdir.
 - amd64 GENERIC build times in tmpfs obj drop 51s -> 27.5s.
 - vax release builds with x11 drop from (best times) 12m31
   to 7m23.
 - vax GENERIC kernel drops from 13.8s to 7.82s (best times).
 - DIAGNOSTIC still has non trivial effects, but is more in
   the 3-7% than 3-8%.

> and the one lowlight:
>  - "du -mcs *" on a src tree already in ram has lost about 30%
>    performance, though still under 1 second.

this one is now faster.  on a fully in memory netbsd-9 tree,
this now comes in about 12% faster than netbsd-9.


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