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benchmark results on ryzen 3950x with netbsd-9, -current, and -current (no DIAGNOSTIC)

hi folks.

here are a few build benchmark tests on an amd ryzen 3950x
system, to see the cumulative effect of the various fixes we've
seen since netbsd-9, for this 16 core/ 32 thread CPU, 64GB of
ram, separate nvme ssd for src & obj.

below has a full summary, but the highlights:

 - building kernels into tmpfs is 10-12% faster
 - DIAGNOSTIC costs 3-8%
 - current's better CPU thread aware scheduler helps -j16 on
   32 CPUs significantly (more than double benefit compared
   to the other tests.)
 - " release" is about 10% faster
 - kernel builds are similar about 10% faster
 - builds of ircII are 22% faster, though configure only 11%
 - -j32 is faster than -j16 or -j24
 - -j40 is not much worse than -j32, occasinally faster

and the one lowlight:

 - "du -mcs *" on a src tree already in ram has lost about 30%
   performance, though still under 1 second.


time to 'grep -r . . > /dev/null' and 'du -mcs *' in /usr/src:

                              1st run    2nd run    du -mcs * run
   netbsd-9                   1m00.58    0m23.73    0m0.57
   current (DIAG)             0m59.23    0m17.96    0m0.78
   current                    0m57.53    0m17.00    0m0.80

time for vax release builds on cache-filled tree from above:

                              -j16       -j24       -j32       -j40   
   netbsd-9                   17m24      15m30      14m48      15m19
   current (DIAG)             15m43      14m31      14m23      14m30
   current                    14m30      13m19      13m12      13m11

time for vax GENERIC kernel builds:

                              -j16       -j24       -j32       -j40   
   netbsd-9                   0m28.09    0m22.59    0m20.22    0m20.17
   current (DIAG)             0m22.95    0m20.20    0m19.29    0m19.20
   current                    0m21.62    0m18.62    0m17.44    0m17.36

time for amd64 release builds with x11 on cache-filled tree like above:

                              -j16       -j24       -j32       -j40   
   netbsd-9                   1h15:14    1h04:32    1h00:38    1h01:24
   current (DIAG)             1h05:24    0h59:40    0h57:50    0h58:07
   current                    1h02:17    0h56:05    0h54:10    0h55:23

time for amd64 GENERIC kernel builds:

                              -j16       -j24       -j32       -j40   
   netbsd-9                   2m26.56    1m55:30    1m43:46    1m43:82
   current (DIAG)             2m01.25    1m46.84    1m40.22    1m41.12
   current                    1m54.56    1m39.57    1m33.09    1m34.06

time for amd64 GENERIC kernel builds into tmpfs build dir:

                              -j16       -j24       -j32       -j40   
   netbsd-9                   2m09.22    1m38.02    1m25.39    1m25.09
   current (DIAG)             1m38.59    1m23.65    1m16:25    1m16.02
   current                    1m35.96    1m21.69    1m14:17    1m13.96

time to configure & build ircii

                   configure  -j16       -j24       -j32       -j40   
   netbsd-9        0m1.77     0m1.14     0m1.13     0m1.11     0m1.14
   current (DIAG)  0m1.80     0m1.02     0m0.94     0m0.94     0m0.92
   current         0m1.58     0m0.97     0m0.92     0m0.87     0m0.84

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