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Re: Status of COMPAT_LINUX and Linux emulation?

On Wed, Sep 02, 2020 at 11:41:41PM +0200, Jaromír Doleček wrote:
> COMPAT_LINUX works as well as always, and will continue working the
> same. Presence in GENERIC does not change how reliable it is now or in
> future. There are no plans to remove the actual code, the option as
> well as the kernel module will continue working.

I just tried (on 9.99.72/amd64):

# sysctl -w kern.module.verbose = 1
# modload compat_linux
modload: compat_linux: No such file or directory

In /var/log/messages I found:

DEBUG: module: Loading module from /stand/amd64/9.99.72/modules/compat_linux/compat_linux.kmod
kobj_sym_lookup, 908: [%M/...t_linux/compat_linux.kmod]: linker error: local symbol @0 undefined
DEBUG: module: Cannot load kernel object `compat_linux' error=2

The kernel is a GENERIC + SCTP + font change, the module is from a
''.  Do I need to create the modules specifically for my
slightly modified kernel? If yes, what's the easiest way?


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