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Re: Status of COMPAT_LINUX and Linux emulation?

COMPAT_LINUX works as well as always, and will continue working the
same. Presence in GENERIC does not change how reliable it is now or in
future. There are no plans to remove the actual code, the option as
well as the kernel module will continue working.

Going forward using the kernel module is probably a better option, you
can use the standard distributed sets without needing to have a custom
kernel that way.

There were numerous bugs found in various parts of the compat code
that prompted this change. The removal from GENERIC intends to reduce
the attack surface of the default distributed kernel. Thus any future
discovered problem would only affect the people who explicitly enable
COMPAT_LINUX on their systems.


Le mer. 2 sept. 2020 à 15:44, Thomas Mueller <> a écrit :
> I noticed that COMPAT_LINUX was removed from GENERIC kernel configuration file but still could be used.
> So far, I left it in my custom kernel config, figuring it would do no harm when not used, and might possibly be useful under certain circumstances.
> I would guess that running Linux binaries under NetBSD (and64 or i386) would be very unreliable since it was removed from GENERIC.
> Has experience running Linux programs in NetBSD been generally negative or high-risk?
> FreeBSD has Linuxulator which seems to be doing at least fairly well and in no danger of being removed any time soon.
> Tom

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