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crash(8) build failure for playstation2

Since mips-ee/R5900 support returned to GCC, I've made a point to build
distribution and sets for playstation2.  Recent changes to crash(8)
and/or mips MD sources causes building crash(8) to fail with:

In file included from /x/current/src/usr.sbin/crash/../../sys/ddb/db_user.h:39,
                 from /x/current/src/usr.sbin/crash/../../sys/arch/mips/mips/db_interface.c:62:
/r0/build/current/obj/playstation2/usr.sbin/crash/machine/vmparam.h:10: error: "VM_NFREELIST" redefined [-Werror]
 #define VM_NFREELIST  1
In file included from /r0/build/current/obj/playstation2/usr.sbin/crash/mips/proc.h:41,
                 from /r0/build/current/obj/playstation2/usr.sbin/crash/machine/proc.h:3,
                 from /x/current/src/usr.sbin/crash/../../sys/sys/lwp.h:62,
                 from /x/current/src/usr.sbin/crash/../../sys/sys/proc.h:71,
                 from /x/current/src/usr.sbin/crash/../../sys/arch/mips/mips/db_interface.c:44:
/r0/build/current/obj/playstation2/usr.sbin/crash/mips/vmparam.h:207: note: this is the location of the previous definition
 #define VM_NFREELIST  16 /* 16 distinct memory segments */

I don't build for any other mipsel (32-bit) platform, but it seems the
nightly builds for such have been successful.

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