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Re: "wireguard" implementation improperly merged and needs revert

Hi Jason,

> We still need to protect the unique identity and reputation of
> WireGuard (our "brand"). This ensures that when people see the
> WireGuard name or logo, they know it is something we, the
> WireGuard developers, have worked on."

Personally, I would be in favour of entirely rebranding the NetBSD
implementation to avoid this, because it's only introducing ourselves
to potential legal problems.

It's important that the NetBSD tree remains as free as possible, and
that nobody introduce themselves to potential legal pain by modifying
any part of it.

We have also had a similar discussion with Mozilla's lawyers and
simply opted to unbrand all of their software which we distribute.

If only certain people can develop implementations of this protocol,
this is not an open protocol.

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