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Re: blacklist -> blocklist in current

Christos Zoulas wrote:
> I think that you would agree that owners of applications should be
> allowed to name them as they please. And that me renaming my application
> causes equal "abuse" (inconvenience) to everyone.

If my reading of the current commit guideline is correct, a case
of renaming already released application doesn't fall into the
"obvious" fix because some people can possibly object to breaking
backward compatibility.

$NetBSD: commit-guidelines,v 1.3 2005/10/11 03:14:08 jschauma Exp $
4.  The more intrusive your changes are the higher is the level
     of required prior approval.

    - "Obvious" fixes can be committed without any prior
      discussion or review. (The definition of "obvious" in the
      GCC Project is: "could not possibly cause anyone to
      object." We adopt this definition here)

    - All other (i. e. "non-obvious") fixes *should* have a

    - Implementing (significant) new features requires a prior
      discussion on an appropriate technical mailing list.

    - Changing existing interfaces in libraries or in the kernel
      requires prior approval by Core.


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