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Re: blacklist -> blocklist in current

On 15.06.2020 21:44, Christos Zoulas wrote:
> Hi Marc,
> When I wrote this in 2015 I did not consider the terms blacklist/whitelist offensive,
> or associated them with race.

Perpetuating this Western-centric stereotype in such renames is abusive
to the white East people, that used to be on the black skin side of the
human history (Slavic ethnicity has etymology in the word 'slave' - do
you want to rename us?). Putting it into throats of the rest of the
global East world is offensive. At least the renames won't take away the
title of "the White Negroes of Europe" as given with brotherhood and
respect by Jean-Jacques Dessalines to so called Polanders (and
perpetuated in the Hayti constitution from 1805). The fact that
Americans did not follow the Last Will of the founding father of United
States Kosciuszko (Polish by origin) of liberating slaves (Jefferson the
3rd president preferred to keep the slaves for better profit) and
instead vandalized his memorial in the recent days is just meaningful.

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