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Re: 5 days old?

from Iain Hibbert:

> On Fri, 1 May 2020, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> > So I don't think NetBSD should rush the switch to hg until hg is ready to build with Python >= 3.6.


> % pkg_info mercurial
> Information for mercurial-5.3:

> Comment:
> Fast, lightweight source control management system (meta package)

> Requires:
> py37-mercurial>=5.3
> python37>=3.7.0

Now I see.  I checked both pkgsrc (mercurial up-to-date) and FreeBSD ports (mercurial lagging behind and still requires Python 2.7).

From what I read on mercurial site, there may be slightly less than full functionality with Python 3.7, but the missing features were likely to be not important for normal use, may be restored in a later release.

I noticed "" in the internet domain names for git, fossil and mercurial.


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