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Re: benchmark results on ryzen 3950x with netbsd-9, -current, and -current (no DIAGNOSTIC)

matthew green <> writes:

Thanks for the very interstesting data.

> below has a full summary, but the highlights:
>  - DIAGNOSTIC costs 3-8%

This seems higher than it ought to be.  I don't doubt your measurements;
I mean that probably things are being done under DIAGNOSTIC that aren't
really approprirate and are better put under DEBUG.   I have always
believed, since using DIAGNOSTIC under 2.8BSD, that DIAGNOSTIC should
basically only be adding asserttions and not doing anything expensive.

Part of that is the basic intent, and part of it is that I don't think
anyone should want to turn off DIAGNOSTIC for performance reasons.

I don't know how to find the things that cost more (perhaps one could
compile some files with and without DIAGNOSTIC?), but if we could remove
any expensive things from DIAGNOSTIC that would be good.

I'll suggest 1% slowdown as a goal, without really knowing how realistic
that is.

It's very cool to see that the gains in current overwhelm the DIAGNOSTIC
slowdown.  It makes me want a new motherboard with more cores :-)

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