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Re:configuring raid using gpt, large drives

> gpt add -t raid -l raid@ZFN15G3N wd2

Results in:
> Feb  2 11:59:30 tiamat /netbsd: [ 41138.3587115] autoconfiguration error: wd2: error 22
> adding entry 2 (9a30ad4e-8b61-492c-ab99-59eba0272f05), 
> type 49f48daa-b10e-11dc-b99b-0019d1879648

I might be wrong but shouldn't you pass -s "size" to gpt add i.e:
gpt add -t raid -l raid@ZFN15G3N -s 1000M wd2
for a 1TB sized partition.  When I set my gpt wedges up I used the total unallocated
number of sectors and passed this as the -s "sectors" to gpt add to create a gpt partition.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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