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Re: configuring raid using gpt, large drives

Simon Burge wrote:
> MLH wrote:
> > Thanks. The -s 5m is for the swap partition just in front of the
> > raid partition.  [ ... ]
> Somewhat unrelated to your other issues, but why are you swapping direct
> to disk but using RAID for everything else?  If you get disk error on
> one of your swap partitions that might lead to a panic or some other bad
> outcome.  If you are using RAID mirrors to protect against data loss
> from disk failures, you should (in my opinion!) be using a mirror for
> swap too.

Ha. Mainly because I was trying to simplify things. Emmanuel and
I talked about it a bit because when I tried using the installer,
it kept insisting that raid0 needed to be partitioned but we couldn't
understand why.

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