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Re: configuring raid using gpt, large drives

Nathanial Sloss wrote:
> Hi,
> > gpt add -t raid -l raid@ZFN15G3N wd2
> Results in:
> > Feb  2 11:59:30 tiamat /netbsd: [ 41138.3587115] autoconfiguration error: wd2: error 22
> > adding entry 2 (9a30ad4e-8b61-492c-ab99-59eba0272f05), 
> > type 49f48daa-b10e-11dc-b99b-0019d1879648
> I might be wrong but shouldn't you pass -s "size" to gpt add i.e:
> gpt add -t raid -l raid@ZFN15G3N -s 1000M wd2
> for a 1TB sized partition.  When I set my gpt wedges up I used the total unallocated
> number of sectors and passed this as the -s "sectors" to gpt add to create a gpt partition.

Thanks. The -s 5m is for the swap partition just in front of the
raid partition.  The raid partition just uses the rest of the disk:

gpt add -t efi -l efi@wd2 -s 32M wd2
gpt add -s 5m -t swap -l swap0 wd2
gpt add -t raid -l raid@ZFN15G3N wd2

I can't access wd2 or wd3 right now as for some reason NetBSD isn't
picking them up but "gpt show wd2" (and wd3) is showing the correct
partitioning as far as I can tell and "gpt show raid0" I think is
also showing the correct partitioning.

I was thinking it is only after rebooting that nothing works
correctly and Piotr might be correct about using an ampersand in
the labels. Emmanuel said he has been using them without issues
but when I complete the install, the bios still can't find anything
to boot with on the drives. Maybe the bios can't boot from a gpt

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