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Re: configuring raid using gpt, large drives

Piotr Meyer wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 02, 2020 at 01:10:33PM -0500, MLH wrote:
> [...]
> > $ mount NAME=raid@ZFN15G3N /mnt
> > WARNING: autoselecting nfs based on : or @ in the device name is deprecated!
> > WARNING: This behaviour will be removed in a future release
> > mount_nfs: no <host>:<dirpath> or <dirpath>@<host> spec
> > $ mount /dev/raid0a /mnt
> > mount_ffs: /dev/raid0a on /mnt: Device not configured
> It is rather long shoot and I'm not pretty sure about that, but at first
> I suggest to remove '@' sign from GPT partition names and wedge names. 
> It leads to conflict with NFS scheme at least in mentioned case and I 
> affraid, that there are other places to fail.

Thanks, I forgot to mention that I am running NetBSD 9.99.41 Thu Jan 23.
I will try it with simpler labels.

First I have to get NetBSD to start recognizing wd2 and wd3 again
as neither of them are showing up on boot now, even though the bios
has no problem talking to them.

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