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Re: File corruption?

On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 07:03:14PM -0600, Robert Nestor wrote:
> I’ve got NetBSD-9.99.17 (amd64) installed and it  has been running without any problems which i have been using to work with NVMM.  I do package builds on it using pkgsrc-current and also do the build of wip/qemu-nvmm. 
> This morning I installed NetBSD-9.99.38 (Jan 15th build) on another disk.  I copied my current copy of pkgsrc over to the new disk to build some of the packages I use under the new system.  When I went into the pkgsrc/wip directory and did a “git pull -r” it complained about file corruption.  I tired the same command in the pkgsrc/wip directory on my 9.99.17 system and got the same error.  I rebooted into the 9.99.17 system and the update ran fine.  Under the 9.99.38 system I tried just downloading a new checkout of the wip directory and it failed with file corruption errors similar to when I tried to do an update.

There was a thread on source-change-d about this, I think:


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