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Re: Increases in build system time

Andreas Gustafsson wrote in <>:
 |Jaromír Doleček wrote:
 |> I wonder also if we could try enabling vm.ubc_direct on the build \
 |> machine?
 |Using 2019. sources:
 |with default settings:
 |4612.56 real     16896.10 user      9325.87 sys
 |with vm.ubc_direct = 1:
 |4615.95 real     16819.96 user      9416.13 sys

This thread reminds me of me turning off hyperthreading.
Using the four cores i have with HT turned on results in a 40
percent time penalty compared to when its off.  (For example,
compiling the Linux kernel 4.19.X takes almost exactly 10 minutes
when it is turned off, and about 14 minutes when it is turned
on.  Just a thought.)

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|(By Robert Gernhardt)

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