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Re: Increases in build system time

Mateusz Guzik wrote:
> >
> First thing which jumps at me is DIAGNOSTIC being on (seen with e.g.,
> _vstate_assert). Did your older kernels have it? If you just compiled
> GENERIC from release branches it is presumably removed, so would be
> nice to retest without it.

All the versions tested were built from the CVS trunk, and all used
the GENERIC kernel.  The only thing from a release branch was the
build target (8.1), which was the same in all test runs.

> That said, can you rerun without DIGANOSTIC but with lockstat?

I'd rather leave that to someone else, and to a separate thread.  All
the test results presented in this thread were produced with the same
options so that they can be meaningfully compared, and running new
tests with different options would only confuse things.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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